Anyone go threw this yet .. " Hearing Aid "

I was wondering if I have to get an hearing aid, and does this mean that it is all over for my audiophile days?

I was told 14 years ago when I was in construction, and had to have an hearing test .. Results...were ..that my left side was not very good, and the person commented at the time " whatever you do not to spend alot of money on a stereo system".

It was just the begining of my audiophile years!

It didn't stop me.

I have gone threw about 3 systems now, and still have a full room of great gear.

2 years ago when I was in the UK I did some cable testing, and yes I could tell the diference between these cables. IC, PC, Speakers cables.

And yes I could tell a big difference.


While we were trying out some of this guys cables, I said to this guy I can't really hear much difference between these two cables , they were PC.

I could hear a little difference but not much, this guy commented,you must be going death.

The question is , how bad is it, and do I want to find out.

Anyone go threw this yet?
1-Don't go cheap on the hearing aid. Cheap ones have too much background noise, sound like crap and you won't use it. My dad is there right now.

2-I recall a friend going through this some years ago. If your problem is like his, with 1 side much worse, there is another route to take, MONO. With 1 side out of whack, the soundstage will suck and you will miss a great deal of what was intended. With mono, you won't get the depth and width but will get the full signal and enjoy the beauty. Please let me know if this makes listening more enjoyable.

Good luck.
My parents discovered I was hearing impaired when I was three years old. It has not prevented me from enjoying music and being an audiophile for the past sixty years. Yes, I wear hearing aids. Finding a good audiologist that will work with you is the key, one that is attuned to working with professional musicians. You will find the analogue vs digital battle going on in the hearing aid field. If you go digital, find an audiologist that will let you do the tweaking of the instruments yourself using the NOAH software. Mead Killion Founder of ETYMOTIC RESEARCH,an audio engineer has been doing work in 'high fidelity' hearing instruments for over forty years. I first came to know of him in the seventies. Go to the web and you will find tons of stuff about him, truly a genius. No your days are not over, you just need to manage the problem.