Anyone got good result from pairing Hegel power amp (H20/30) with non-Hegel preamp?

Hi everyone, 

I still remember my good sound from Hegel H2 power amp (newer models are H20 and 30), but have a gut feeling that their respective preamp (P2/20/30) is a weaker link, yet never had a chance to try another preamp.
Wondering if anyone have good experience with pairing Hegel power amp with non-Hegel preamp, which model and what kind of sound improvement achieved?
I think my "dream" system configuration could be Hegel power amp together with preamp/DAC (reasonably priced, below 2000 USD new or second-hand). Because Hegel power amps have quite high gain low gain preamp is required, with both RCA and XLR inputs/outputs. Good on-board DAC is a big plus. Don't know if this mission is possible :)

How would you see Krell KCT preamp mating with Hegel 30, 4 meter run of Nordost Valhalla and Thiel CS6 speakers?   I am thinking of buying Hegel 30 and have existing KCT.  Any thoughts?  

The key question is what improvements/sound characteristics you are looking for. 

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