Anyone have an Aesthetix Atlas power amp yet?

Just wondering if there are users of this amp out there yet? It's been discussed at trade shows and it appears to be in production and available, but I have not read anything positve or negative about it yet. All opinions welcome.

Also, what is the latest thoughts on tube rolling in the Calpyso?

Thanks James
No i havent heard it yet. I hope someone reviews it soon. As to your tube rolling question I use Mullard cv4004 for the 12ax7s and Amprex 7308 in place of the 6922s. I kept getting noisy stock tubes these solved my problem. I"ve had this combo for about a year and feel no need to try something else. P.S. I love this preamp.
Someone told me today that he heard one on display at Audio Connections in New Jersey. It is amazing how little information there is about this amp in this day and age of information overload. This amp was displayed in January 2007 at the CES, almost a year ago. Yet there is not so much as a name on the Aesthetix website. Strange indeed, unless Jim White is still fooling with it.

I demoed it today, wow its another customer said its the best solid state amp short of the upper Pass Lab models and I agree, it has built in High Pass crossover, Balanced and Single ended, 200w output and it has serious slam and great control with gobs of detail...I think my dad just found his next amp.
Yes, I have one. Had an Ayre V5XE prior. Out of the box, deeper more solid bass. Sound stage was 30% wider. Much more detailed. Still a little crispy, but it seems to be mellowing out. So far the Ayre was a bit more mellow, which to my trashed ears is a plus, and it certainly was a great amp. The Atlas sounds wonderful with the Squeezebox Duet. The Transporter is on the way and have higher expectations yet.

I am enjoying the Squeezebox Duet more than any other single piece of gear I've ever owned. It's all about the music, and there is so much I've never heard and even more that I don't care to, but it takes care of that with a push of a button or scroll of the finger.