Anyone have anything similar to the converter

I recently designed a converter for the second voice coil for my Gallo 3.5 it will also work with the 3.0 -3.1 series 

In the past I owned many of Gallo upper class speakers and have tried high end external crossovers and amplifiers and well regarded speaker cables on the second voice coil I even tried bi amping  Gallo own SA amps but nothing comes close to integration as the converter

The one very nice thing and a money saver is you don’t need any additional amplification or speaker cables it can be used with your existing amplifier 




First of all there is no ignorance on your part 🙂!

Im using the term converter as the unit totally converts or transforms the Gallo 3.5 from an already great speaker to an amazing speaker.

the unit is of passive design and requires not additional electronics or cabling and extends the bass down to about 22hz 



Maybe I should explain more clearly 

I have designed a passive network (converter) to work with the Anthony Gallo 3.0 3.1 3.5s  

It’s to engage the second voice coil or as marked on the speaker (sub in)

Originally you need Anthony Gallo SA amps and speaker wire and interconnects or an external crossover and amplifier and speaker wire and interconnects 

The unit that I have designed all that is eliminated ant it blends amazingly well with the full range and extends down to about 22 hz

The unit connects to the speaker in terminals on the speaker and then connects to the sub in

just wondering if anyone out there has a similar design or if people would like it to come to market 



Are there any Anthony Gallo speaker owners who maybe interested in the unit or have any additional questions?