Anyone have experience with Front Wide and Surround Back speakers?

I've only known my 5.1.4 setup it's about as good as I can get it. The question is a 13.1 pre/pro as 9.1.4 with two Front Wide and two Surround Back speakers going to make a worthwhile improvement?
We are professional theater designers please reach out to us

Adding more channels is not necessarily better upgrading to better gear will make more of an improvement then adding more channels

The clarity and Dynamicsof a system are as much a part of the electronics as is the loudspeakers

So it comes down to what you are looking to do

In our 30 years doing this most of our theaters are still 5.1 which accommodate most rooms the addition of atmos channels is a small but decent upgrade 7.1 or more depends on room Size and seating positions

Dave and troy
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