Anyone hear Dynaudio subwoofers

Has anyone had any experience with a Dynaudio sub in a 2 channel system for music, not ht? If so, would love your reactions.
I'm using dual Sub 500 units in my stereo system. No HT here. They blend very well with my full range speakers, adding those trailing bass notes to kick drums. They make music 'fuller'.
Thanks Bigbucks. Which speakers? Can the internal crossover be bypassed to use an outboard bass management unit? HOw big is your room?
Have the Sub500 here mated with the Focus 220/140 for an HT setup. However, I also have the Confidence C1's and have tried it them as well with excellent results. I do have a treated room.

I find that it's very musical and very fast. The Sub300 is equally as good.
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Found Two - New Old Stock BM12s in a Studio. never out of the boxes.


18hz - 250hz.

12" woofer
Phase adjustment in 0° / 90° / 180° / 270°
Remote Control, Subwoofer level control
Adjustment of crossover frequency ranges
Storing and recalling presets
Low frequency extension adjustment
250 W amp

I think the amp is class A/B by the size of the heat sinks. No info available on it.  They would only be used for 60hz and down 2 channel music in my second room. They are a good price; are they worth pursuing.. or should I move on? 

thanks in advance for any replies.
Thanks, CT for thinking of me.  As of now, I am running active bi-amplified OB speakers w 2, 10" woofers on each baffle, driven my 200 wpc crown class 2 amp.  Haven't cheked it out w pipe organ, but no sub needed for any other use, IMO.  But I appreciate the time you put in to your response. 
Another vote for REL. IME, these are the most musical and best "sub" in the market. Add easily integrates into any system.
Keep me posted and Happy Listening!
Missioncoonery. Jafant

Can you tell me "Why" from strictly a 2 Channel music - pure bass, lowest octave music perspective. No low Movie/HT bass needed here. Models of each you had would help. My Room 2 is a dedicated space, 20 x 24 irregular. I can put them (subs) anywhere, set it and forget it. From very limited info online; owners are a happy lot, but did read some had issues with losing the small Dynaudio sub remote, and its the only way to configure them. The fellow that owns that studio has used them for years and is not happy with the newer current line. Says cost cuts are obvious with lighter boxes.

Sure, the older REL models are probably best. The "B" series are especially excellent. There was the B1, B2 and B3. These were still made/built in the U.K.
jafant - thanks. So no Dynaudio sub experience ? How does one service an old REL sub in North America, outside of a third party speaker repair shop ?

I went to see an advertised mint condition Seaton Submersive with the intention of buying. When I got there the owner revealed it had the smaller amp in it first, and was clipping all the time due to his listening habits.  So he had the smaller Seaton amp exchanged for the larger amp. Who knows the damage caused to the driver coil by the smaller amp.