Anyone hear new Quad S-2 speakers and compare to others

Anyone hear new Quad S-2 speakers and how compare to others such as new Phils, Sierra 2s, Focals, etc.?  According to frequency graph on Stereophile, they apparently are capable of lower bass response especially for their size.  If you have heard them or own them, what are your opinions?
I'm also curious. With very limited USA distributorship, I don't even know where to look for them here.
Audio Doctor in Jersey City we have them. We have both the S series and the Z series on display!

The Quads are absolutely amazing sounding, and in our opinion represent a totally new level of performance for this price point.

We read about them in Stereophile where Mr. Ken Mecelf loved them, so we were intrigued. Then we saw them on display at the Capitol Audio Fest and heard them again, then we ordered a full compliment of these speakers.

We also sell Kef, Dali, PSB, so the little Quads were going to have some fierce competition. 

After getthing them in and breaking them in, we found that the Quads were a revelation. The ribbon tweeter offers fantastic detail yet is smooth. The bass is deep and tight and the image is huge, couple that will a great finish, reasonable size and they are easy to drive.

The Z series offers a much nicer cabinet and a larger ribbon tweeter and improved bass and midrange drivers.

The Quad Z series are true competitors to much more expensive loudspeakers and if you crave detail, and a huge soundstage they are worth seeking out.

Dave and Troy
Audio Doctor NJ
We have both the S and Z series on display and they are spectacular!

We initially heard about the Quad's after reading the Stereophile review on the S2 monitors. We were seeking a more conventional looking loudspeaker then the much loved Kef Ls 50 so after reading Ken Metcalf's glowing review we figured we should get in a few of their models.

The S series is so remarkable for a $1,000.00 you get a compact well finished monitor with one of the world's best ribbon tweeters. 

The Quad ribbon tweeter is a true ribbon tweeter which is also damped with a thin layer of mylar, so in essence this is a damped ribbon. 

The design provides for a smooth top end with superb detail and a huge soundstage.

The Z series uses a better damped cabinet, a larger ribbon tweeter and improved bass and midrange drivers.

The z series are amoung the best loudspeakers for the price we have ever heard for the under $5k price range. 

Even if they are hard to find, the speakers are mindblowingly good!

Dave and Troy
Audio Doctor NJ Quad dealers.
Hi Audiotroy, appreciate the comments...

How do the Quad S or Z series work at 6-7 feet or so, speakers to the listening position? Any problems with cohesion?
Also, for the Z series.. which would you recommend for a smallish but well treated room, approximately 13' x 15'. (from what I am reading for the Z series... rock and classical probably would benefit from a sub or 2..)

Have you guys heard the new KEF R series yet?

Mothberg we have the new Kef R series on order and they will most likely be really excellent. Personally I doubt anything is going to outperform that Quad ribbon it is both detailed and smooth, absolutely amazing sounding.

The Quads have a fanastic sense of balance with great detail and musicality, the soundstage is huge and the amount of deep bass for a compact speaker is really surprising.

Dave and Troy
Audio Doctor NJ

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