Anyone hear the new Consonance M15 speaker yet?

It's an interesting design in that it uses a horn-loaded tweeter with a crossover at 500Hz to a 15" woofer. Frequency range is purported to be 30Hz~20kHz and sensitivity = 98db. I'm not sure if it is yet available in the States? Here's the link to the product:

I'm considering making a change from low sensitivity planar speakers with high powered amps to high sensitivity speakers (horns or otherwise) with low wattage SET and this speaker may hold some promise? I'm a little concerned with noise (ground loop and otherwise) moving from a balanced system to single-ended. I had some problems with ground loop noise in this room prior to going balanced, so any thoughts and suggestions would be very much appreciated. I have a video projector in the system which certainly makes groundloops more difficult to eliminate.

It seems to me that 500Hz to 20kHz is a very wide range for a tweeter? If they can pull it off, that's certainly a good thing.

Contact Stephen Monte at Quest for Sound, Bristol PA, website on Audiogon...I own Consonance gear...impressive build quality with high quality sonics.This is a brand that's under the radar except to those in the know...the pricing is jaw dropping to those used to USA boutique mfg.
i don't think you'll be satisfied for long given the set up you have. the most simple music is fine with set's, but realworld classical, rock,jazz.....well they are never quite right.
Jaybo, why do you say that "they are never quite right"? My maggies do classical and jazz decently and female vocals very well; however, rock is not done so well. Fortunately for me, I mainly listen to blues, female vocals and jazz.

From the SET crowd, what do you find limiting and liberating about efficient speakers paired with SET's?