Anyone heard Electrocompaniet AW180 or the AW400 monoblock amplifiers

Im in the market for a new amp to replace my ARC D200 amp. A local dealer recommended Rogue Audio Apollo Dark or make a major move up to Jadis JA120s. Im using a ARC LS25 mk1 pre, Teac VRDS 25x cdp and a Music Hall 5.2 TT with a Nagaoka MP200 cart, and all cabling is AQ Sky XLR and AQ Mont Blanc speaker cable.For now Im keeping my Maggie MMGs but later buying Spatial Audio M3 speakers. Im looking for tube warmth without having to maintain power tubes, the Electrocompaniets get great reviews but nowhere to hear them in Cali. Really looking for some info on the AW180/400 amps.
Thanks in advance guys
Dear Mktracy,

We have been Electrcompaniet dealers since 2010 or so. 

Electrcompaniet is not a well marketed brand in the US so they don't have a lot of dealers, hence not as many people are familiar with the brand 

The EC amplifers are a bargain for the sound quality and they are very well built. The AW 180 are a sweet sounding pair of monoblock amplifiers based on the Legendary Nero which was an amplifier designed to drive very big and inefficient loudspeakers. 

The pairing of the Nemo with big B&W loudspeakers was one of the most respected parings in Europe.

The AW180 is basically half of the Nemo which is a bridged set of these modules.

The sound quality is very clean, with a bit of warmth and body, a big soundstage, great bass and dynamics.

We have found that unless you go up to $16k and above price points the AW 180 are very magical with a lot of speakers and there power and current delivery is exceptional even into demanding loads.

Dave and Troy
Audio Doctor NJ Electrcomapiet dealers
@mktracy, My friend owns the Electrocompaniet Prelude Series PI-2 integrated, 100/150/220W @ 8/4/2 ohm, without the optional DAC, and likes it very much.   I have heard good comments about Electrocompaniet amps but have never heard one.   

As was stated above, Electrocompaniet products are not well marketed is the USA. I was unable to find any USA Electrocompaniet retailers in the San Francisco Bay Area. 

If you are interested, I suggest you call Dave or Troy from The Audio Doctor in New Jersey.  He should be able to answer your questions since he is a Electrocompaniet retailer. 

There is an ad on Audiogon you might be interested in.   Please see:

Electrocompaniet AW400 monoblocks A NICE PAIR OF POWER AMPLIFIERS

We have both the AW 400 and the AW 180's on display and we also like to sell demo units.

Please reach out to us if you would like any information on the EC amplifiers.

Dave and Troy
Audio Doctor NJ Electrcompaniet dealers
Thanks guys for info and comments. Dave and Troy I will contact you guys next week about the AW400s. Checked out your website but there was no mention about EC but Im very interested.
Hi all,

We just become Electrocompaniet dealer in Vancouver, BC, Canada. We display Electrocompaniet flagship models including the new EMC1 MKV CD player, EC4.8 MKII Reference preamp and a pair of Nemo reference monoblock amp.  Feel free to contact us for more information. 
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