Anyone heard Gobel Divin Noblesse?

These speakers are waaay out of my league. But I saw the recent report on Axpona about how good they sounded. I'd like to know if someone heard these and how they sounded. I was very surprised by the MTM with 8" midranges and an 8" AMT and crossover at 1600Hz. Generally accepted rules for audio would suggest significant lobbing with such a high xo and 16" separation between midranges centers. But the proof is in the pudding and if they sounded so great maybe lobbing is not as audible as math models suggest.

Thank you!

while I did enjoy the Gobel Divin Noblesse at Axpona three weeks ago, I preferred the performance of the Gobel Epoque Aeon Reference speakers I heard at the distributor’s showroom in South Florida in December, and at RMAF in October. it seemed to dig deeper into the music.

the Divin is a fine speaker and more appropriate for a modestly powered tube amp, but maybe does not take full advantage of the Gobel technology with not using the Bending Wave driver. the Epoque was really quite amazing sounding.....especially in South Florida. if you have 250 large and the appropriate system to let it sing, it should be on your short list of speakers to hear.

and Elliot, the distributor, is a great guy to hang with. love his musical tastes.

I did not sense any sort of non coherence related to driver configuration with the Divin, but it was a show after all.

Thank you. The Epoque is a very different animal, with one driver covering 160Hz and up. Hence the center to center distance between woofers isn't that big of a deal. I don't doubt they are a better speaker than the Divin, though.

Great to know the Divin sounded coherent. Maybe the audibility of lobbing is overrated after all. And 2x8" midrange surface has to be something one feels. Nice experiment in my future, I guess.

Anybody else heard the Divin?