Anyone Heard Meadowlark Blue Heron s

I'm running tube electronics and curious about the quality of the Blue Heron's, as I assume they're easy to drive. To bad Hales is out of business.
Hello Can't tell you about the herons, but I do have the kestrals with a anthem pwr1. Meadowlark spkrs love tubes. I did have a aragon 4004 on them before and tubes really let these spkrs sing! Best of luck
I bought a pair of Blue Herons about 6 weeks ago. They are still breaking in, but so far are absolutely fabulous.
Speakers are very personal purchases. How they work will depend a lot on the room, the upstream equipment, the source material, and your own taste. I have a fairly large room, good quality gear, play a lot of rock, and like speakers with visceral bass, clarity, dynamics, and musicality. The Blue Herons fit the bill.
I've had Merlins, Virgos, Khorus's, Spendors and other brands and it can be hard to find a speakers that just flat-out *rocks* like these do. Be careful that you have room for the Blue Heron's bass output, and don't use a tube amp unless it has some hair on it and can control the low end.
Meadowlark recommends 100 watts minimum and I hear Pat McGinty voiced them on Michael Elliot solid-state amps (