Anyone heard of 'Clearview' from Mapleshade??

I recieved a booklet from this company Mapleshade, and sounds like they offer good isolation products and cables. I was interested in their 'Clearview Double Helix' speaker cable and their 'Ribbon interconnects.' i also understand they have a 'state of the art' recording studio where they specialize in very fine recordings from artist using the best (and less) electronics, mics, cables when making a recording. If anyone has heard of, or experience with thier cables - good or bad - please let me know. My speakers currently are Logan Ascents. Thanks.
I had to return a set of their IC's because of interference (60 hz hum). They honored their money back warranty with no problem. (no reflection on their quality... this type of cable is not able to reject RF...)
If you don't require extensive shielding, the interconnects are a pretty good value. I have not heard the speaker cables, but a couple of audio acquaintances were unimpressed, citing an absence of bass with those cables in place. I have used, and still use, the ribbon interconnects in my SET system, and they seem to go well in a tubed environment.
I have used thier Silclear and like it and have bought about 5 of thier recordings and enjoyed them as well - they do sound a bit more natural than average. No experience with their speaker cable but their are other discussions of the double helix here. Search for the term to find the thread
I suggest the Mapleshade "Music Festival".It is inexpensive and will allow you to sample their recordings.
I am a dealer for Mapleshade/Omega Mikro-just for the record.
The Mapleshade Clearview IC line has a top model which is the best analog effort for them, and should complement your speakers. I used with transmission bass and ribbon tweeters.
Subsequently, to my ears I did better with some other companies, yet the Mapleshade product is excellent, and there is an element of system matching and personal taste which means you should listen for yourself, knowing you are likely to enjoy what you hear.
Tom, or Tpsonic, is really an ethical person, as well as a dealer, so you might want to check out any demo stuff he can provide. He can offer opinions without the pressure if you ask for help.
You must be prepared for the cult of the separation of parallel wires when dealing with the Mapleshade designed IC or power products. It's mentioned in the online instruction manuals. Also, top model power cord and power strip can be even more impressive than their IC as you upgrade your system's performance.
Thanks everyone for your input. I will contact Tom and try some of his products since he has a good return policy.