anyone heard the new Massive Attack yet?

this one is certainly growing on me. on first listen I was like...meh. then the second spin came, boy, was I ready for that....

Go play this loud, for fans of eclectic electronica.

Groovy, plus the rage of all different guest vocalists was pretty cool. Hypnotic like the rest of their catalog.

check it out.

I bought it, loved it. I think it's one of their better works. The fact the production values leave nothing on the table is a bonus. And yes, there is plenty of dynamic range, I believe they mixed it too be played loud.

If you get a chance pickup Gorillaz "Plastic Beach" just came out today, right up there with this one.

I have the first track on endless repeat....

epic. you're right, you play it loud and sounds so dynamic.
Sorry for being a MA neophyte but I am a little confused as to what the "new" one is called.

I googled and couldn't quite figure it out. I assume the recordings you are talking about are red book cd’s. I couldn't find any high res downloads- any knowledge if those exist would be appreciated.

I also wouldn't mind picking up a live show or two off their website- any recs?
It is still growing on me. I was confused on the first listen. 2nd listen was ah I see...
Lokie, if you're a Massive Attack newb I'd start with Mezzanine and not the newest.