Anyone know if Tom Evans Audio is still in business?

I have ( or had ) a pair of Linear B monoblocks that I sent to Tom for repair and upgrading 3 years ago and have yet to receive them back.  They sounded great I recall until one of the amps blew through a couple fuses so I sent them across the pond prepaid for repair and upgrade but still no return.  I received initially sparse replies but now no replies to my emails.  
Webpage is still active. Why don't you contact one of his US dealers and see if you can get contact thru it
3 years ago?
Did you ever think to track the shipment to make sure it arrived?
You are a very patient man to wait 3+ years with zero communication.
Did you include your contact information in the shipment?
I agree with paladin.  3 years is way too long to not track something down.  Good luck.
Be longer than 3 years if you expect this site to help you get your money back after someone sells you one thing and delivers another ,
Out over a grand in a month from 2 buyers who did this to me .
A cesspool !
Post will be deleted .
I did notice a change from the prior email address through which we communicated in the email address now listed on the website so I sent a note there.  As I bought the amps used here on Audiogon I have been reluctant to involve the US reps.  No return shipment to track. Anyway hopefully he is just busy filling new orders and I'm sure servicing/upgrading older equipment simply takes a backseat to new order filling.   
Did you track the original shipment that you  sent?
You'll want to make sure that it got there in the first place!
If it was never received - It cannot be returned.
I would suggest a phone call - Remember there is a +5 hour difference in time.
His website has updates as of Jan. 2016.
His contact info is:
Please E-Mail us on:
Or call us on: 01443 833570
Tom Evans Audio Design
St Margaret's Park
Main Entrance
Pengam Road
Mid Glamorgan
CF81 9FW