Anyone listen to the new Audio Horizons VRX preamp?

I haven't read anything about this new preamp but I saw on Audio Horizons' web site that they have introduced a new transformer-coupled preamp, with a completely new circuit design differing from the previous preamp iterations. This new preamp has no capacitors in the signal path and uses two different types of tubes. I was curious if anyone has evaluated this new preamp and compared it to Joseph Chow's previous preamps.  
Seems AH flies way under achilles radar today. Too bad really as Joseph and friends make great sounding gear.  
Yes, I still own his original TP 2.0 preamp, but I have modified it somewhat to make it sound much better.
Hi guys,
Has been a very long time.I sold my TP-20 to a local audio buddy many years ago and he's still happy with it today.It was originally Pats (RX8man)
Will have to look at Joseph's new offering.Be well.
As far as I know, Joseph Chow is a one-man show. His marketing man, Victor Comerchero, passed away back in 2014, so I don't think Joseph has replaced him yet. Joseph told me his primary business lately has been tuner mods and upgrades as well as upgrades on his current preamp models. I haven't spoken to him in a while and was curious how his new transformer-coupled preamp would fare with the competition and his previous cap-coupled models. Maybe we'll see a review soon.
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