anyone listened to JVC DVD-AUDIO player?

Has anyone compared the JVC XV-D723GD DVD-Audio player to other dvd-audio players or CD players? (Technics DVD-A10, Toshiba SD-9200, Denon, etc.)
I bought the JVC when it was $600 and a Panasonic A-7 about 5 months ago. The CD and DVD-V sound was no better than my 2 year old Sony 300. I thought the JVC was more detailed, but harsher than the other two. Of the three, my 22 year old son preferred the JVC. I slightly preferred the other two. They were close.

The JVC had trouble playing a couple of my DVD-Vs (Sixth Sense and Stop Making Sense). These discs played on the other two players.

DVD-A was a noticable improvement. Better definition and trebble extension. I still wasn't pleased. It just didn't seem good enough.

I listened to the Denon in the store and it didn't appear to sound much better than the other two and it was $1100 with no progressive scan.

I couldn't find an A-10, which was a good thing becasue it sold for around $600 then. So on impulse and with a 30 day return guarantee, I bought a Sony 9000ES for $1300. Wow.
CD and DVD-V play on the Sony was vastly superior to DVD-A play on both the JVC and A-7. SACD play was another step up. After one day of listening I returned both the JVC and A-7. I spent my next 28 days looking for something to beat the Sony--but no. Couldn't find anything.

Don't buy the JVC or A-7. They're not that good. Buy a Technics A-10 if you want a bargain mid-fi piece.

Or study the new generation stuff. Sony is coming out with DVD/SACD players in the $300-$500 price range in late summer. Technics supposed to come out with a replacement for the A-10 any day now.

I got it for 370 from etronics. I needed a dvd player, and I wanted to hear how upsampling and dvda sounded. I'd say the DVDA10 sounds better with the remaster shut off except when I am playing some really poorly recorded cds. This is a very smooth cd player with awesome build quality. If you listen to mainly jazz and classical, this dvd player will excel. Its sound quality is very soft, detailed, and almost airy. But it lacks the edgy details and bass slam that is needed for faster and harder music materials.