Anyone open up the case on a Bluesound Vault 2?

Curious if anyone has attempted to open the case on any Bluesound players, especially the Vault 2? I very much enjoy my Vault and with a very good digital cable, aftermarket power cable, and Ethernet cable I feel I have really push this player beyond what I was expecting. The internal DAC is fine but I much prefer using it as a transport/streamer feeding another DAC. What I’d like to do is open the case to see if there’s an online fuse or fuses that might be worth switching out to say a Syngestic Blue or Orange. I use the Blue fuses in a couple components and have been very satisfied with them. Not looking to do any heavy mods but maybe change out the fuse. Don’t want to bust the case so curious if anyone has and what’s the trick?
Found this, but curious if anyone has done it and did a fuse swap? I’ll probably pop the cover tomorrow and see what’s inside and will post my findings if others are curious as well.

“On either end of the recess in which there are the power inlet and ports, there is a ¾” by 2” (approx..) plastic cover. There is a very slight indent on the bottom of each.

Using your fingers or a thin blade, pop off these covers.

Underneath each cap there is one small Phillips screw. The screws may be covered with a piece of transparent tape, sticky on both sides. Remove the screws, and one side of the cover pops off.”

I happened upon this thread. Curious to know if you ever opened up your Bluesound?

Fidelity Audio here in UK doe Bluesound upgrades and power supply etc. Mod is a DIY job .... but if you look at instalation guide you will see how easy to open.
I have just ordered one (CovidUpgadeItis) and apparently it is a simple thing to do .......

I haven’t opened my Vault 2 yet but interested if @richdirector received the power supply from Fidelity Audio, how it went and if the improvement was worth the price? I did pick up a RME ADI 2 fs and I’m very happy with this DAC. The DAC in my Cambridge 851C was noticeably better than the DAC in the Bluesound, but the RME takes it to another level. Definitely interested in the power supply mod for my Vault but mine is a 2 and on their site they only note the Vault 2i so I might drop them an email.
That's great news about the Dac upgrade. My Node 2i sounds very good thru an Audio Note Dac. 
I've upgraded my Node with a Cullen PC and a Supra CAT8 from the router. There was a thread about how to "hotrod" the Node and this ethernet cable was an audible upgrade over CAT6.

I've decided not to spend any more money on this unit; those PSU's aren't cheap.
Although, an aftermarket fuse is a good idea if possible.