Anyone pair a Mola Mola power amp with LTA Microzotl Preamp?

Fellow Audio Fanatics - 

I'm curious whether anyone has paired a Mola Mola power amp (stereo or mono-blocks) with the Linear Tube Audio Microzotl Preamp? 

If so, how did that play out? Is there a reason that combo wouldn't work well? 

I'm a big fan of the LTA preamp and wondering how it might pair with the Mola Mola power amps... 

Thanks in advance for your thoughts and feedback. 


I have no experience with the Mola Mola power amp with the LTA Microzotl Preamp.

I previously owned a Mola Mola Kaluga HYPEX class D 1200 power amp and decided I do not like class D sound. Obviously, everyone has a different opinion on this topic so I suggest you audition this amp before you purchase it. Some people like it and others do not.

Both seem to be in the “white wine” sound category so if that’s what you’re after they could be a great pairing.  That said, I’m not sure the LTA is fully balanced and if the Mola Mola is that may be a consideration.  If there is a mismatch there and it’s a concern I’d take a look at something like the Backert Rhumba Extreme that exhibits similar sound characteristics as the LTA and I believe is fully balanced.  Just some thoughts FWIW, and best of luck.