Anyone permanently convert from tubes to SS?

I often hear about those that "discover" tubes and never look back, but has anyone here gone from being a "tube guy" to finding a SS amp that satisfied you equally or more? I don't intend on starting another tube vs. SS debate, I'd just like to see how many have left tubes behind. If you are a convert, which SS amp convinced you to leave tubes?
I wish I could leave something behind but its not an amp,try and get some rest,good luck,bob
I've owned many tube amps over the past 35 years. The Ayre MX-Rs have converted me. Still use a tube preamp (Messenger), however.
Here's my standard response...

I've had tubes for years and loved them. I mean really loved them. However, there are compromises I'm willing to make because 1) I want something I can leave on 24x7, 2) I need something that doesn't generate as much heat, 3) I don't want to continuously wonder if a NOS set of Pope 6SN7s sound better than my NOS RCAs or if my 12BZ7s are aging and need to be replaced, and 4) I want hardware that doesn't require as much real estate. Given my wants and my needs (which also includes equipment that does not smear the time domain), Ayre seemed the ideal choice.

I now use an Ayre AX-7e (and I could not be happier).
I moved from tubed preamplifiers (CJ Premier 14, CJ Premier 17LS2, Audio Research LS-26) to the SS Ayre KX-R,
and am more than satisfied.