Anyone still using a Rives Parc

I have an all tube system with Wilson Witt II's (yes I compared them with all of the Sophia's and up to WP6 and they sound just as good) WP 7's Sasha's on up sound better, but cost much more. The system is in a room 18x12x8. I took out the bed and everything but one dresser. The sound is a little boomy, so I installed 2'' x 12'' foam tiles (72 altogether) and it has helped some. I found a Rives Parc for 500.00 (it'll be here Thurs) so I thought, at that price I really can't go wrong and can always flip it for more money if things don't work out. Is there anything else like test records or sound meters or charts that I may need that would be helpful? Thanks in advance.
Polk, you can also try out the Granite Audio Ultimate Low Bass Test CD from Music Direct. A very useful tool in finding room resonances (rattles) and room nodes in and outside of the room. I have never used a Parc, but in your case, I would get the cd first and take care of room rattles before the Parc. While the disk is playing, have a pack of blue tack handy. You can also try Radio Shack Realistic Sound Level Meter if you want to compare sound levels with the Parc.
Thanks Eldulcesol, I'll try the CD, but I just hooked up the Parc and it really does take the room out of the equation. Its the best 500.00 component I've ever purchased.Subtle, and not like an eq. Also got a few pointers from Chris Huston over the phone. This is really a nice unit, and for less cost than just 1 ASC Tube Trap.
That's a great deal on the PARC. I had the same issue and would have jumped on a PARC for $500. Bass traps helped but the boominess was still there. I ended up getting a McIntosh MQ 107 for $250, used the XTZ room analyzer pro, which quickly and easily identified a 22db spike at 38hz, so I attenuated that down with the MQ 107, and voila, no more boomy bass. Didn't mess with any other frequencies, and that McIntosh seems pretty darn transparent, as I've heard the PARC is as well. But after months of fighting with bass traps and speaker placement and all kinds of things to solve the problem, being able to do it for a few hundred bucks with one of these devices is a no brainer and will greatly help your sanity.

Glad the PARC worked well for you and like I said, it was my first choice but I couldn't find one, and certainly not in the range of $500. The McIntosh worked great, though. And if you haven't tried the XTZ room analyzer, I would recommend it.
There's a Parc on here for 2700.00 I could let mine go for 16 to 1800.00 then get my room tuned professionally for 4500.00 I have my stereo and a chair in the room and nothing else, so the Parc really has helped out. Bass traps are better than no treatment but just don't get the job done at a reasonable price. Glad the MQ 107 works for you. Best of luck Dazz.