Anyone still using Michael Wolff power cords?

Call me outmoded but I prefer the carbon based power cords by the late Michael Wolff to a number of other cables I came across. Mike's later iterations of cords are amongst the few that I found to have great tone and devoid of metallic edginess common with many other cables I tried, while excel at subtle dynamic shading.

Unfortunately Mike is no longer around us. Like to hear from those who had Michael Wolff power cables before, what have you found better ?
I have a Michael Wolff Carbon 'Source' power cord that I used on my CD player.

Very nice.

Now if I can only find it - I have moved and it's in my garage somewhere in a box. :-|

The CD player just bit the dust so I guess if I find it I may try it on my new W4S DAC.
Reviving an old thread here... Yes I have Michael's power cables throughout my system, including both Gain and Source cords, connected to a RSA Haley. I tried way too many exotic power cords and his were the keepers. They are also nice and supple, very easy to route and keep neat.

Very sorry to hear he has passed, he was a very nice guy and worked in nuclear medicine as do I.