Anyone Switch from Electrostatic/Planar to Dynamic

I was wondering if anyone has switched from Electrostatic/Planar speakers to traditional dynamic speakers and if so, from what to what and why? Thanx!
I recently picked up a pair of Thiel 3.6s and they're GREAT! I still have my Maggies(2.7QR) and ML Aerius and i wont give any of them up. They're like my children, they each have their own characteristics but the bottom line is I love them all. The panels for their speed and WIDE soundstage and air and the Thiel for it's deep taut bass.
The problem now is i've got 3 first string QBs and i dont know who to play. It's like having Joe Montana, Dan Marino and Bret Favre at the same time.
If you could hear my Modified NEAR's you would not miss your Maggies in the least.They are a speaker that give you the best of both worlds.
maggies to accoustats to logans to thiel.
For rock tweeter and woofer in a box is the way to go.
FWIW I went from Theil CS3's (85) to Accustats 22's (89) to Quad 63's (91) to Paragon Jubilee/Gems (96). The latter are (in my room) nearly as transparent, much more dynamic, and create a much larger sound stage w/o the hypercritical placement and room related issues of the Quads. But i haven't sold the Quads (just in case)!
I never thought, after years of Maggies (1.2s, 1.5s), that I would go back to cones and domes...but I did, although they're not conventional boxes.

My current Alon Vs have the transparency, coherence and airiness I loved about my Maggies, are nearly as fast, but have deeper bass, greater dynamics and a much (MUCH) wider sweetspot. Get 'em away from walls, point 'em straight ahead and they're happy. Huge soundstage. They disappear. And they don't have to be cranked up to sound good.

I still like planars and stats, but I feel like I can have most of my cake and eat it too with the Alons. They're wonderful speakers for music lovers who like the transparent, unboxy sound of planars/stats but want more bass and dynamics.

Heavy buggers, though.