Ribbons or electrostatic speakers with SS Amp?

I have been advised by Pass lab to avoid ribbons or electrostatic speakers with SS amp (XA 30.5). Any of you folks have any experience using these speakers with SS amps? Thanks.
I tried a XA30.5 on my Martin Logan CLSIIA's and it sounded great, however, no where near the power that I needed. I do have a bigger room and listen a little loud, (but not overly so).

I also tried a pair of the XA60.5 monos and still I thought that it wasn't enough.

The XA100.5s or the XA160.5s would have been perfect, but I didn't have that kind of money.

I know of quite a few people that use the PASS XA series amps on Martin Logan.

Check out the Martin Logan Owner's Group site:

I've use Macintosh(ss&tube), B&K(ss), Futterman(tube), Carver(SS) and Accuphase(ss) amps to drive KLH Model-Nines, no problem. I have used the same assorted equipment to drive M-L CLSIIz, no problem. I could drive SoundLabs A-3 with all but the tube amps. It seems you have to see what works best.
FWIW Sound Lab redesigned their backpanel a little over a year ago making the speaker much easier to drive for tube and transistor amps alike.
The issue isn't solid stage with a panel speakers, it's the xa30.5 with a panel speakers.

I had a large Magnepan speaker with a true ribbon tweeter for over a decade. Anything short of the power of a Bryston 4B and the speaker was lifeless.