Anyone tried Duelund silver foil 3.0 for speaker cable

I currently use Duelund dual DCA12GA tinned copper for my speaker cable, and am very happy with it. However, like most of us here, I'm never fully satisfied. 

I've read that Duelund's 3.0 silver foil hook up wire has a similar sound but better. Has anyone tried it in a single-wired setup for their speakers?  If so, I'm curious how connectivity was achieved. 


I have no experience with that conductor (not really a "wire").  I have used the Duelund DCA12GA in my speaker work and very happy with it.  


If you'd like a set of speaker cables built with the silver foil, I'd be glad to build them for you at cost and I'd even throw in a 500 hour burnin over the next few months.  ;-)