Anyone Tried out the new Bruce Springsteen Box set?

Hi everyone I was wondering if any of you have bought and tried out the New vinyl box set for Bruce Springsteen. I have only one used record of his. Born In the USA, though I would like most of his albums on LP and newly Pressed ones, and I was wondering about his box set? For my high end stereo would the new box set be a good choice for sonics performance over other reissued LP's of his. Or should a person buy them Individually new?
There was a thread started on this subject when the box set was released. Although there was not a large number of responses I think the general consensus was the new issues were, for the most part, a significant sonic improvement.

After many listens I can concur with my original recommendation that the box set is very much worth owning, but I was making my comparisons between the new set and my original LP pressings.  I cannot address the comparison between the box set and "other reissued LP's of his".