Anyone Tried The Other Talon Speakers?

I picked up the Khites and they are great with the EVo amp and Presence Audio MkII pre-amp. What a wonderful sound, harmonic detail without the treble bite or the tube haze to get in the way. I put on Yo-Yo Ma and my kids come running into the room to listen (never happened before) the sound is so good. Do they rock? yes. Do they swing? yes. Orchestral, choral, small group strings? yes, yes, yes. I put on BV Social Club and everything sounds so right, particularly spacing of the voices, their clarity, the mix of insturments; and the trumpet solos. The trumpets solos were the bain of so many speakers I auditioned. Its taken 70-80 hours for them to start really settling in and open up. I ordered the ROC with the Khites (but haven't broken in the ROC yet). The Khites showed up first and I might have stopped right there as these little speakers put out better cleaner bass than a most towers. You get as good a "full range" sound from this monitor as any tower in the same price range, with the coherent voice of a monitor (wouldn't have believed it without hearing it). I've auditioned Revel, Thiels, Silverline, Avalon, the MRM-1, B&W, on and on. I've learned the analytical buzz words. These speakers make you stop talking and start rocking. This doesn't seem like a speaker line with a one-hit wonder and some "also-ran" filler products. For most mortals who can't afford the Khorus, the Khite/ROC combo is great. What has been other folks experience with them or the other models?
I have the Khite center channel in a home theater system with Snell B-Minors as left & Right. I agree with you on the sound of the khite. I have also listened to the Perigrine and am thinking of replacing the Snells with them. talon is definately not a "one speaker wonder". The entire line opens up the musicality of any system with no falce "harshness" and a realistic "soundstage".
Just reading the current issue of Stereotimes. The Eggleston Rosa at $9900. was reviewed. They compared the bass of this speaker to the $6000. Talon Peregrine, a stand mounted two-way, and said this: "Initially, I thought, "Wow, these speakers (Rosa) have a nice bottom!" The articulation in the bass is such that even minor chords and fifths within inner voices are clearly audible in the lower strings. It was only when I compared them to a serious full-range contender, the Talon Audio Peregrine monitor, that I became aware of a shortfall in this area. The Rosa’s don't go down to the depths, and some notes in this subterranean region lose their definition."