Anyone try out the Dynaudio Emit M20s?

Wondering how they compare to the Focal Aria 906's and Ascend Sierra 2's. On par? Worse? 
Ha!! Tell you what bro 😎. Buy these Dynaudio M20 period! Used market, new .. what ever .. so worth it!
 Check out the whathifi review .. it’s spot on. I keep coming back to mine, beating out many a speakers that are twice as much and more! When I first dropped them in my system I was god smacked, they replaced my focal towers that are over 4 times the price on the used market ($600 for emits $2,400 for focals.  Of course you want to run them with the best equipment you can afford. I am running mine directly from my oppo 205 to my mark levinson .. boom! Microphone drop!! 
 Trust! For me .. they just sound right!