Anyone try Triode wire labs or Empirical Design

I was thinking about trying the power cord from Triode wire labs, mbl Eight American or the Empirical Design mdl 416 on my Portal integrated amplifier. Any input would be appreciated,

I have never tried either of the other two you mentioned, but I am a big fan of Triode Wire Labs. I found them to be very natural sounding as they really brought a convincing sense of "reality" to my system. I use a pair of TWL 8 gauges on my mono blocs, a 10g on my preamp and a 12g on my transport...Add to that, a tremendous value at well under $300/5'. Highly recommended overall and especially good on solid state (though my mono amps are actually all tubed!).
Same here. Just picked up a TWL 8 gauge & I'm thrilled with it to say the least. Using it on an SMc-modded DNA-125 and it has added even more drive and separation of voices & instruments into their own spaces. And the value is gravy as is dealing with Pete!
I have five Triode power cables. I sold off my big name and much more costly cords and never looked back. I can't comment on the other cords.
As with any cable, it's all about the synergy with your components, but the TWL cables are certainly a no brainer with regards to cost and the very positive results/reviews that have been reported so far. I know I have replaced some other very good cords with these in some places and am very happy with the improvement.
I have the Triode Wire Labs Eight Plus on my Pass Labs XA 30.5. It is very well constructed and looks great. It also is flexible. Sound wise, it compares very favorably to other power cords I have used (Pangea A9, Wireworld Electra 5.2, and PS Audio AC 3). Pete is great to deal with. I had a custom size made, and it was delivered in about a week. I like it so much, I am contemplating replacing other power cords in my system with Triode Wire Labs cords.
Can't comment on the others but I'm using Empirical Design PC's and IC's throughout my system. I've compared them to several others along the way and found them to be hands down the best value for money. Karl is a joy to deal with as well.