Anyone upgraded from Zu Omen DWs to a different Zu speaker?

Hello all. I've had my Zu Omen DWs' for about three years now and generally I still like them a lot. I have them paired with a Pass Labs INT-25. I'm considering upgrading to the Soul Supreme or possibly the Soul VI but I'm wondering what to expect with such an upgrade. I know Zu offers a generous at-home trial but before I go that far I was wondering if anyone on the forums has upgraded from the DWs to a more expensive Zu and whether they think the upgrade was worth the increased cost.


The Omen Def are delish. Buy those. Also owned the DW. Also Union. Also Druid.

Yes, I upgraded to what is in essence, the Omen Def Supreme; Omen Def Mk IV with the Radian and capacitor upgrade and made my own lower plinth. 

I wanted greater dynamic range, so chose these over the Soul series, and dropped the Radian down to a 5khz position to brighten them up a bit.

If you just want a spectacular DW, the Soul is the way to go, but I prefer having speakers that have a more natural dynamic range, and the Omen Def's are all of that.

Excellent. Thanks for the advice. I did end up going with the Soul Supremes. It kills me that I have to wait six weeks for delivery but my DWs will suit me well until then. I'll give them the good old Zu 60 day trial and see how I like them vs. the DWs.

Curious minds want to know ....... did you keep the Soul Supremes?  Zu DW  Supreme owner here with similar thoughts.