Anyone use/tried the Maximatcher tube tester

Does anyone have or used the Maximatcher tube tester? Appears to be a nice tester -- with some limitations on tube types (no 12 volt); but, will test KT88's (what I'm interested in).

I have a tube tester -- just looking at something that can test 4 KT88's at once (such as the Maximatcher).


I highly recommend the Maximatcher; I find that the results correlate well with other tube testers that I also use.
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Hello to everybody.


I’m from Italy, the name of my Company is dBevolution.

I would like to write something about my experience with Maximatcher and the Sales Manager Mr. Peter Toms.

I ordered and paid one Maximatcher and one Maxipreamp on 8 November 2021 (order No. 606).

Today 28 May 2022 (after more than 6 months) I didn’t receive the instruments, Italian customs told me that the attached documentation from the seller was incomplete and the parcel was sent back to the seller MORE than 3 months ago, but Mr. Peter didn’t refund me.

I sent him many email, but usually he reply to me after some days (probably it’s not his interest to resolve the problem), and he never sent me a refund and I never received the instruments.

Lately he stopped to reply to me (he don’t reply anymore).

If the situation will be not resolved, I will take a legal action.


So…pay attention before to buy from him

He might not have received the testers back. Its been taking 2-3 months for packages to go from the USA to Europe if sent thru the Post office. Your packages could still be delayed in customs AND they might have been sent by BOAT which takes much longer than by plane.  I have no idea where the Seller is from so this is just a possibility.  If you paid with a Credit Card (Which you should have) you should open up a claim. Usually the CC Company will automatically credit your account while they investigate the matter