Anyone using an external clock with Esoteric X-01?

What kind of improvement have you found using an external clock with the Esoteric X-01, especially the newer less expensive one? Is there significant difference?
I auditioned an Esoteric G0s clock with my X-01 on my system for about a week and a half. When I unhooked the clock - I could not hear or sense any difference. If there was one, it certainly would not be worth the investment in the G0s. I would guess that with a multiple box player, the G0s would be worth a listen, but with a single box player like the X-01, I just couldn't hear any.
I second Babybear's findings. I listened to his system several times, with and without the G0s clock and could not hear a difference. Last October we both travelled to Aris Audio open house in Salt Lake City (Ut) (801-272-1690)
where we were hosted by Scott Haver, Aris's proprietor. We had the opportunity to listen to the X-01 there as well, driving ARC Ref 3, Theta Dreadnaught, Vandersteen 5A, with and without the G0S clock controlling the X-01. If there were a difference it must have been extremely subtle, because I could not detect it most of the times. I suspect that the upcoming 'Limited Edition' upgrade for the X-01 may very well offer greater value at a fractional cost.