Anyone using Mapleshade bases for Gallo Ref 3's?

Hi everyone,

Mapleshade offers larger maple bases with brass footers to replace the skinny stock bases that come with the Gallo Reference 3's...

They claim: "More rock-solid bass, extra midrange warmth and detail, new treble clarity. And the extra tiltback corrects the Reference 3's time alignment and gives standing listeners much better treble and imaging."

I was just curious if anyone has experience using these bases with their Gallos? I would love to know if they are a worthwhile upgrade.

Thanks in advance!

Wow, they "correct" the Gallo's time alignment? I'm quite surprised that Anthony Gallo would spend all those years designing and developing his speakers and then allow them to get into the marketplace "un-aligned".

And, have you seen the prices for those stands? $700+, wow, that's a bit rich for my blood. If you simply want to tilt your Gallo Ref 3s back a bit, just take the rear spike cups and move them to the front, doubling up with the front ones - it doesn't cost you a dime...

Mapleshade's claim is that they correct time alignment for STANDING listeners.I completely agree with the rest of your comments though.
However it appears that Mapleshade are huge fans of the speakers and they use them as their reference speakers
Yeah, they are really expensive, especially considering that you can get the speakers for about $2k here on Audiogon. If it's just a matter of tilting the speakers back a bit more, they aren't worth it! I'm more interested in whether replacing the skinny MDF bases and metal cones with more substantial pieces of maple and the huge Mapleshade footers really does anything subtantial for the sitting listener. As my speakers are now, the skinny MDF bases vibrate A LOT while the speakers are playing.
Well if all you are looking for is maple stands with adjustable spikes, you could probably get less expensive ones from Steve Blinn Designs or Timbernation