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Richard and Linda
U.K. Island pink rim 
Can anyone identify the little black speakers ...
Judging by the video ,it's a good job you trust your ears! 
Velodyne SMS-1 Tuning, Can you use Different subs?
You cannot eq each one individually. What you need to do is hook them up to the 3 outputs then eg the ROOM with them all being driven. As stated above you will get a mono output fed to each one but at frequencies below 40Hz this is not a big deal. 
Inexpensive Phono Cables Recommendations
Grover Hoffman's phono cable is an incredible value @ $250 approx. He offers a 60 day return policy so it really is a no brainer.Not affiliated in any way just an amazed customer. 
Can I straighten an off-center twisted cantilever?
No you can't 
Are there any good rock, blues ETC. SACD's ?
Buy a turntable 
Rowland Consonance preamp needs a phono preamp
Call JR and ask if they have the phono for this pre amp and ask how much it would cost to install. My guess $200 -$300Tony 
VPI bearing oil/grease?
My HW-19 sounds best to me when using slick 50 
MFSL Super Deep Cleaner or Enzyme?
But none of them is better than Disc Doctor and it is the most economical 
Anyone successful in dealing with Tinnitus?
...and how long have you been practicing medicine, Elizabeth?? 
Why do mint-looking LPs sometimes play poorly?
Groove damage, they've been played with a worn stylusPoor pressingNot cleaned properly, use disc doctor 
Help. Wife says Teres 340 Is too bright.
Get a new wife 
Nicely done Krell man! 
Good SS Amp for Vandies 2 Ce
I agree with Jrinkerptdnet with regards to the Belles.How did you decide on 150 watts? Vandys do not require a lot of power. I have heard them with quicksilver amps and they sounded VERY good. 150 watts of tube power is expensive and probably unne... 
Any fix for a locked groove?
Are you SURE its the records? 5 ,all towards the end of side 2?? .I think it may well be your arm setup. Sounds like the arm is reaching the end of it's travel before the end of the record