Anyone using Nuforce Ref 9 Mono Blocks?

I've just started reading up on this amp. Does anyone have experience with this brand?
You've probably already read this but just in case.

Personally, I think you should forget about the amp and player and get some different speakers. I doubt your hearing the full potential of your current amp and player. Correct me if I'm wrong, anybody. Wasn't the design goal of many dynamic speaker designers in those days to integrate the sound of multiple drivers. Since crossover technology was just beginning to be refined and very expensive, they simply moved the drivers closer and closer together? KEF sort of won the battle by developing a coaxial single driver UniQ system? With the tweeter buried in the woofer cone the system is very directional hampering imaging and the soundstageing. Not to be confused with some modern horn loaded highly sensitive single driver systems you see today being driven by SET's, KEF's Uni Q driver loaded in their Coupled Cavity produces a 92db 4ohm load. Excellent bass, for those day's, that falls of rapidly after 50Hz.

My suggestion would be to look for some used Hales, Vandersteen, Avalon, or Thiel's. Even their smaller two ways would be such an improvement you would then be able to more fully hear the fruits of your component upgrades.

Of course that's just my opinion, I could be wrong.
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Man you're slow. Once I got the mizzen mast done it was all down hill plus, now beat this, the new drapes are up.

Okay, let me clear something up. The speaker sound very good and I've compared them to Focal Chorus 726S and Totem speaker as well as some other brands and mine still sound very good.

I just want a little more bass, not much just a little more. And I think I could do with a bit of refinement.

So where do you start? The amp and CDP are 16 yrs old. The CDP is a Luzman DZ-03, which uses tubes that can't be changed. Here is a link to one just like mine:

Ocassionally, it will skip about 6 songs for some reason and when I compare it to my 10 year old Sony CDP-C345 it sounds only slightly better. They are very close in sound quality.

So with old CDs would there be much of a difference changing my CDP or should I just get the mono blocks instead?
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I'm think that's the best thing to do, I can't lose.

Does this mean I should change the drapes again?