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Preamp for Aesthetix / Atma-sphere
I had a similar experience as Thekong with the Callisto with different tube mono blocks. Of course its all synergy and taste. I found a Purity preamplifier to be more to my taste. In your case a conversation with the manufacture regarding compatib... 
Passive preamp w/Rogue Medusa and Rega DAC your question at the source. 
KT-150's and Carver Black Beauty Mono Blocks
Milsap, I'm thinking about that modification and am hoping you might take the time to write about your experience. 
Some years back I had a chance to do a direct comparison with an SP10 with an Ortofon arm and two new Grado cartridges. It was very clear that the combination of a good arm and the much more robust drive made the idea of tweaking my SL very questi... 
Amplifier is now off the Power Conditioner
After increasing my utilities supply amperage and having a contractor install a sub panel with uninterrupted dedicated circuits the improvement was substantial. All for less than $1k.  
primaluna gear, avalon eidolon speakers, cardas
Reyn, yes, my Raleigh was 531 butted tubing with a longish wheelbase, very comfy. It was a great relief and a good training tool during the two aluminium road bike ass hatchets which were very short lived. The Calfee is tube and joint carbon and i... 
primaluna gear, avalon eidolon speakers, cardas
Sold my 1972 Reynolds 853 Raleigh Professional cream puff last year. I do miss the ride but now I'm down to two bikes, a Santa Cruz Heckler with XTR rapid rise shifting and my trusty Calfee (Record) Tetra. Both manufactured just minutes from home. 
primaluna gear, avalon eidolon speakers, cardas
I'm using Audyssey Pro to pick the Kentucky Derby. It likes California Chrome! 
primaluna gear, avalon eidolon speakers, cardas
Before making a cable vs sub decision be certain that your Ascendents are well out in the room, in proper reflective placement, and spiked. At this point I'd suggest auditioning a more powerful amplifier. If your looking for low frequency there is... 
Bob Carver LLC Black Beauty Review
["200 for the internals and 600 for the kt-150's"][[[["Question: "I have read on the web that it may be possible for you to upgrade my 180's to 350's. Any information you could forward to me on cost, turnaround time, and if this upgrade is, in fac... 
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I don't see how the physics of a speakers signal arrive time at the listening position due to improper speaker placement and poorly timed room reflections (old stereo rules) can be overcome without using digital room correction.I experimented with... 
primaluna gear, avalon eidolon speakers, cardas
Bo, I find your assessment of Eidolons unusual. Could you describe your rooms length and width, speaker distance from front wall (the wall behind the speakers), and the amount of toe in? Your priority of wire material over actual cable design is, ... 
Pass Labs XP-20 or Audio Research Ref 3?
+1 Caarles1.I found myself going round and round with Bo and I agree he definitely has a passion. I very much admire his ability to communicate like an American politician that well in another language. 
Your favorite musical non fatiguing speakers?
What are the folks at Cary listening to? you're thinking of near field studio monitors musicality in speakers is very subjective and of personal taste. Compatibility with the room may be a deciding ... 
What hooked you to audio?
HOT women standing in front of complicated looking gear in Playboy. Frankly, this is no joke. Fortunately, spinning an LP amplified by a Marantz 8B via lamp cord into JBL 2 way horns was an incredibly startling experience to everybody who heard th...