Anyone using the Phatnoise system in their car?

Just bought the Phatnoise system for my TT Roadster. While the music manager software is fairly intuitive, does anyone have any experience in ripping to the hard drive and navigating through the massive amount of music while in the car?

I'm not sure if it makes that much difference in the format (WAV, MP3, OGG, FLAC, etc) or the encode rate since the car is pretty noisy although I tend to play it loud and worry about the volume making poor recording more noticeable.

Before I spend hours loading 40GB of music thought I would ask for the experience someone who's done it before. Many thanks.
I have a Phatbox in my VW Passat. If your controls are similar to mine, it's really nice for the car's head unit to have one-button access to playlist, album, artist, and genre. This really does make it easy to find music you feel like listening to!

I would suggest upgrading to the Phatnoise MEDIA manager software, it's only $15 since you own a phatbox. I figured the time the better software will save me is easily worth $15. The software isn't completely bulletproof, but I've found tech support is responsive. The only red flag I see is that they eliminated their customer forum, it had some good info from people who had experienced bugs like ground hum in their car.

---Jedi Mike