Anyone using the Trends Audio UD-10 Converter?

This gismo seems to be getting good reviews but I would like to hear from actual users. With AISO Driver installed in my laptop this would become my external sound card passing the digital signal on to my Krell Processor. Your thoughts are appreciated. I'm using a Krell HTS 7,1 Processor, Krell fpb 350M amps and Magnepan 20.1 speakers. The center is a CC3 Maggie. Music preferences run from Rock N' Roll to blues, light jazz and some classical.
I have one of these and use it with a Mac Mini, presently I have no other DAC so it is being used as the DAC as well as the converter.

I am running it of a regulated 5v Battery supply (the battery pack is 9.6 volts, made up from 8 AA rechargeable cells ) rather than the USB and this definitely sounds superior to the USB power option.

The computer is running iTunes but the music is ripped using Max at the best settings and the files are non-compressed.

Sound wise it is really quite amazing as the system is very revealing so any problems show up big time normally, in fact it is hard to believe just how good it is for the money.

I am sure feeding it into a high grade DAC would be better still but I could happily live with it as it is......and I should say I am really an analogue guy so normally digital doesn't float my boat.

Bottom line for the money you have nothing to lose, it is well built, does just what it says and sounds very nice indeed and of course makes it easy to hook up to any DAC you like.
Thank you Zero-one! The reviewers make similar comments. The only thing that I was concerned about (still) was that it runs on a 1.1 USB vs. the newer 2.0 but apparently that is not an issue. You are an actual testimony so I am more encouraged.