Anything SS sounds better than D'Agostino ?

I never heard his amps, but some writers say just that - nothing transistor sounds better.
What do you think ? 
I listened on youtube a few systems with D'Agostino amps and preamps and liked a lot what I heard.

Well--I've heard different, but I cannot say better. But I have not heard Gryphon or Dartzeel in circumstances that allowed me to make a judgment about them--other than that they are both pretty awesome.
erik_squires10,535 posts02-09-2021 10:02pmBetter, not sure. I will say hearing Luxman and D’Agostino side by side I was really happy to afford the Luxman. :)
May I ask which Luxman and D’Agostino model which you heard side-by-side? Personally I own the Luxman L-590AXII and it sounds splendid in my system. I didn’t have the luxury to compare the Luxman to more expensive offerings such as D’Agostino though. The D’Agostino Progression integrated looks promising but it costs twice the price of the Luxman integrated with some spare change..
I haven't heard DAG's, but I did have a Krell FPB300 for several years
and it was a fine amp in every way. But DAG is quite fancy looking and certain reviewers think they're wonderful. I later upgraded to a pair of Levinson 33H's and they were some of the finest sounding I've ever heard. I don't like paying for cosmetics outside of a preamp or a turntable.  The Pass XA series has never failed to impress anyone who has heard them and are priced far more realistically.  I have a friend with Aleph amps that even now are in high demand but aren't pretty to "look at".
I graduated from Krell to Boulder and never looked back.
So much more musical, Boulder amps do a better job of drawing you into the music, and the timbre is in a different league. When i put a 2060 into my system it was as if i had treated my whole room, softening hard surfaces and smoothing out corners.
Then i heard 2160 and it was game over, despite the fact it would take me three yeats to save the funds.
I'm now 14 months into a 3 year plan.
You tube? C'mon man. Absolutely worthless.

Listen in a store or better yet, in your house.