Acoustic sounds ceased hi resolution downloads

I just found out today that as of 12/31 Acoustic sounds ceased operations of their hi resolution download service. I am bummed because I bought a couple DSD downloads from Norah Jones, Elton John. I wanted to buy more but now I can’t find those titles anywhere. I was gonna buy John Coltrane DSD but I can’t find it anywhere else. Most of the other download services sell mainly classical. Anybody have any other resources?
Sorry to hear that. If you haven’t already, I suggest invest in a decent streaming player and sign up with Qobuz. My experience tells me, you won’t need to spend $$$ on downloads anymore. I STOPPED buying downloads ever since I signed up with Qobuz in late 2018.
@lalitk I have an Innuos Zen mkIII streamer going into a Chord Qutest and a Qobuz subscription. Ever since I got the Zen I can say that playing an album from the internal Zen hard drive vs streaming the same resolution album from Qobuz is slightly better. Its a little less digital edge, and a little more open, not that I think Qobuz is bad in any way, in fact I really like Qobuz. I stream most of the time, but if its an album I really enjoy and listen to a lot I usually consider buying the high rez stream. Now DSD is a whole other world, they sound phenomenal. 
“Now DSD is a whole other world, they sound phenomenal.”


You won’t hear an disagreement on DSD from me...I still very much enjoy spinning SACD’s through my Marantz SA-11s2. The next best alternative is 24bit/192kHz file on Qobuz, if it is available :-)  

BTW, what JC album in DSD you’re after? 
@lalitk Blue Train. Yes, I had a lot of SACD's as well. Before my basement was finished we had a break-in and they took a whole box of CD's among other valuables. In the box was mostly all my SACD's
jm, I’m sorry for your loss. I would be devastated if I were to loose my rare collection of physical media. I didn’t find DSD download but you may pick up a used SACD of Blue Train at Amazon for $25. 
That is sad. I had no idea. I bought a download album from them on 28 December and would have bought more had I known. I stream a lot as well, but every now and then I will go back to look for an album that I had listened to previously on a streaming service and it will have disappeared. So, for the music that I *really* enjoy, I buy a download of it.