API Power Wedge 112


I have 2 power wedge 112 and am wondering is it ok to use the isolated outlets for a preamp or dac ,etc. even though it has a higher ac mains than the amp outlets?
the amp outlet has the 120 volts or whatever is from mains but the transformer outlets has higher 123 volts or so until you load it down a bit.
the lowest i measured with both ML380 preamp and ML360 dac was still 122.3 or so.
i used a branch cord to measure with both plug in.
of course with lower mains its lower but always more than mains.
I read that isolation transformers does that.

or am i better off putting everything in the amp outlets and spread between the 2 units and don't worry about digital noise getting to the rest of outlets?
i use my AR D400mk2 and ML impression 11a's and threshold fet 10 phono and turntable and sub in the amp outlets.
spreading between both units.


You need to worry about digital noise far, far more than AC Main voltage as it changes a lot from hour to hour.   I am not sure what the thinking is for a higher line voltage, since it is limited to VA by the transformer and you can't get something for nothing.   That is, if you boost line voltage by 10% you drop current capacity by 10% and that assume the transformer is 100% efficient, which they never are.  A drop in current capacity increases the likelihood of a voltage sag.  

Keep the digital stuff isolated from the analog stuff.   If the power amps drop the line a bit during a immensely massive surge, the power supplies in the other analog stuff will compensate okay.   Remember the AC Mains can provide 1800+ Watts, average, to your equipment.   There is nothing in music that is going to cause that to sag.   Refrigeration, electric stoves, heaters, that big stuff will cause a line sag but you should have your equipment on a separate circuit from that stuff.  
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