App/Player for Bricasti DACs?

I am interested in the Bricasti M3 DAC.

I stream Tidal, Qobuz and TuneIn with a Linn Majik DSM into a Pass Labs pre and amp. I mainly use the Linn Kazoo app/player and Roon. I have also tried the newer Linn app and the Lumin app. All work.

What apps/players are Bricasti DAC owners using? Do you prefer the Bricasti network card or using a seperate standalone streamer?

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I have read some stunning reviews about the Bricasti hardware and sound quality. I am interested.
But I have found very little info about the UI options for selecting streaming services and picking music? Having TuneIn is a must for me as I enjoy regular radio shows. With the Linn Kazoo app you can create shortcut “Pins” to favorite feeds, artists, playlists and TuneIn radio stations. I am a Roon subscriber but I never want to be 100% reliant on Roon. So, having some solid UI app is a big part of this picture.
Some streaming hardware options lets you use apps from other manufacturers. You can use Linn hardware with the Lumin app and visa versa for example.

If there are solid options for a flexible UI with services and music naviagation with Bricasti then I am very interested as the M3 seems to be be a solid product at this price point. 
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In general, the Bricasti M3 can work with any UPNP compatible software.  Even though we have not tried it with Kazoo, it should work.  We have tried it with Roon, JRiver, and MConnect HD.  Bubble and Audirvana would be other options that we have not tried, but should also work.

Audio Archon - Bricasti dealer
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I auditioned the M5 as a DLNA renderer with BubbleUPnP, and it worked pretty well. It did display a few quirks -- if memory serves, in removing more than 1 track at a time from the play queue. Since none of the (msny) other renderers I've used with BubbleUPnP had those quirks, I attributed them to the Bricasti's UPnP/DLNA implementation.

The sound was outstanding.
Can I use install the Linn Kazoo App on my iPad and will it connect to my Bricasti DAC? Do I also need Linn Kazoo software running on my Mac Computer? Please explain.

Audirvana does not work since I have to unblock my MAC Firewall Security settings to allow Audirvana to find and connect to my Bricasti DAC. My computer Security is more important than my audio connection.
I am currently using MConnect. Thanks.
On the PC, you can set the firewall to accept connections from the local network only (not the WAN, or Internet). I consider that safe. Does the Mac offer that?
Regarding Kazoo, I don't know -- you could try. My understanding is that Linn uses OpenHome (an extension of DLNA/UPnP), and that most OpenHome control points will not work with a straight DLNA renderer.
@mike_in_nc, Thanks for the information.

On my MAC Computer, i can only block or not block connections.

As you suggested, I installed Linn Kazzo on my iPd and unable to connect to my Bricasti DAC or QoBuz.   I emailed Linn Products and ask them for help.  Based on your above comment, it probably will not work.   
Linn Products said "If the Bricasti M21 DAC is an Open home renderer then you will be able to use Kazoo to control it”.
The Bricasti M21 DA is DLNA and UPnP computable so any software that accepts those protocols will work.

FYI:   OpenHome (aka UPnP with Linn extensions) and standard UPnP/DLNA are actually closely related (but incompatible) streaming technologies rather than 'formats'. The main difference is that with OpenHome it's the streamer (aka renderer) that owns the current playlist; whereas with standard UPnP/DLNA it's the controller (aka control point) that owns the current playlist.

This gives the OpenHome renderer the advantage of being autonomous with regards to playing the tracks in the playlist once playback has started. It means the OpenHome renderer can sort out gapless playback for itself, allow multiple OpenHome control points on the network to interact with it without any side effects and even continue to play the entire playlist with all associated OpenHome control points switched off.

Contrast that with the standard UPnP/DLNA renderer which is completely reliant on the standard UPnP/DLNA control point for playback. So, the UPnP/DLNA renderer requires the standard UPnP/DLNA control point to tell it what the next track is and where to fetch it from every time the next track needs to be played. This forces gapless playback support to be an interaction between both control point & renderer and restricts the number control points that can interact with the renderer at any one time to one (otherwise you can get strange playback side effects with the various control points competing with each other to gain control over the renderer).

MConnect works and I am currently using it.  I was curious to see what other connection options were out there.  Please note my main source is the Aurender N10 Server.   Sometimes I like to experiment with other technologies especially especially since the M21 supports an Ethernet connection.   Based on my research, I will continue to use MConnect. Thanks again for your help.  Take care.

@photomax,  I installed the LUMIN App on my iPad and was  unable to get it to connect to my Bricasti DAC or QoBuz.   I do not have a LUMIN device.  Do I need one.

Your post above said you got the LUMIN App to work.   The LUMIN APP would not connect to my Bricasti M21 DAC and I was unable to sign into QoBuz.   What am I missing?   Thanks.   

this thread is living proof that when choosing music streaming gear, the user interface, and inter-operability of virtual sources etc etc -- is every bit as important as the 'sound quality'
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@tvad, Thanks for the information.  I understand and will continue to use MConnect with my Bricasti DAC.   Thanks again.
Hi,  I am the OP here.

Just to be clear: I don’t own a Bricasti. I was curious about what software options there were for controlling a Bricasti. The feedback I received was that most UPNP players should work. 
In the end I purchased a used Linn Akurate DS. It is sitting with my dealer waiting for the major Linn Katalyst upgrade to arrive from Scotland which will give me a fresh 5 year warranty...