Apple TV - 44.1 kHz output

I have read in multiple places that the Apple TV outputs in 48 kHz; however, looking at my Audio Midi Setup on my new MacBook Pro the only listed option is 44.1 kHz / 16 bit for AirPlay to the Apple TV. The same option is available for the Apple Airport Extreme AirPlay output. Ironically, there are options to increase the bit depth for the internal speakers.

Maybe things have changed as I have a new Macbook Pro and Apple TV.
It may be that the ATV resamples the data since it is also a video device.

You can get hi-res from the ATV by adding a Synchro-Mesh, which also reduces jitter significantly. The output is 24/96 in the standard version or optionally 44.1. The ATV and AirPort Express are notorious for higher jitter and need a reclocker like the Synchro-Mesh for music to sound good. Most modern DACs sound better with 24/96 because of the digital filter used in the DAC with that sample-rate. You get both hi-res and low jitter with the Synchro-Mesh.

You can add the Dynamo power supply option and make it world-class too.


Steve N.
Empirical Audio
Are there not any reclocking DACs on the market for similar money? It seems a little strange to put a $600 reclocker in front of a less expensive DAC.

As curious as I am to play around with some of the PC audio upgrades, I was satisfied with my SACD player as a source and so far have not been able to identify a difference with my current ATV to DAC as a source when using the solid state output. It is hard to justify spending more just to see.

The other factor is I have two small kids so my opportunities to really listen are few and far between. My best listening is generally after they are in bed when my wife and I sit in the living room and listen to some relaxing music before escaping the day and getting some sleep.
By the way, I appreciate the reasoning behind a 24/96 DAC being superior. I have done a little reading about the digital filters, but it is mostly beyond my grasp.
Mcelgo - There are lots of reclocking DACs, but the reclockers in those DACs are not of this quality, so the result is usually disappointing. A good reclocker like the SM can take the sound quality from harsh and fatiguing and change it to smooth, live and engaging.

Your digital source is a actually more important than the DAC. If the source has jitter, even a DAC with reclocking will sound bad. It's analogous to a turntable and a preamp. You can spend a fortune on the preamp, but if you don't have a really really good cartridge, the preamp is a waste of money. Better to get a really good cartridge and a mediocre preamp. Likewise, many of my customers have the Synchro-Mesh driving an inexpensive Chinese DAC.

Steve N.
Empirical Audio
I also use an apple TV to wirelessly receive AIFF & AAC files into my system. I use a reclocker device between the ATV and DAC (which is a Cullen modified PS Audio DL3) and the sound is ......OK. Definitely a step down from my vinyl. I can't figure out if my next step should be one of those Auralic things with much better specs than the apple TV or rather to retire my DL3 for a more contemporary DAC. The reclocker is recently purchased and I trust it's doing a good job. Any insights welcome.
Try to use another streaming device instead of your 48khz Apple TV.  Yes reclockers will help but it won't solve the main problem which is the resampling of 44.1khz to 48khz.  Most music today is 44.1khz - stay with the 44.1khz, 88.2khz, 176.2khz, and 352.8khz rates for audio. Don't let any device resample it to other frequencies.