April Music Stello CDT100


Anyone have experience with this transport?
Correct me if i'm wrong but i think this just came out not long ago...
Looks promising... At $795, it is very tempting~ ~!!
I2S... I'm starting to see gears with this...
Very, very good, especially at its price level. It was much better than my Theta Data Basic II. I didn't keep it though because I went on up to the Accustics Arts Drive I, but that was 2-3 times as much as the CDT100. I don't think that you could go wrong in getting it.
I was also considering these:

North Star M192 Transport
Uses Philips CD Pro2 mechanism.

I take what I said back about the Stello CDT100, I auditioned the Stello CDT200 (around $1500.00).

Check out my more involved response at this thread:

I haven't heard the two others that you mentioned.
Hey Kell Man, thanks~ I didnt even know about CDT200, i didnt see it on their site, but i did see this:

It has digital inputs 2toslink, 1coax and USB, expactly what I need... It eliminates the need for a standalone DAC... But out of price range for now. At 5000, i need to audition alot more equipment.

I havent heard many players with digital inputs. Only one i recall was Accuphase, but didnt hear it's DAC performance. just straight disk. From what i've been told, most players sound different when playing disk vs digital inputs. But I havent be able to judge my self.

In the end, i would be doing the same thing but just a different solution altogether. And might free up space on equipment rack...

I'll be attending an audio show next month, i'll def keep an eye out for what's new. No better time to audition...