AR D200- Is it still good?

Any one out there have one of these? Might be considered vintage now. How would one perform against today's amps?
.I will say I do not have any experience with the AR D200 ss amp. But I do know that many ss amps such as the older Classe DR series amps and many others are still very competitive when compared to newer models. Many were over built and many used higher quality parts then much of what is offered today. I would go for it if the price is right and remember that it might need servicing in the near future but AR should offer good service. I am sure others might disagree with me and will push the newer is better doctrine.
Perhaps Schipo but your pretty safe in your calculations.Some older stuff was meant for eternity and is still going strong,ClasseDR,LevinsonML2-5's?Mac mc30's,225,Threshold SA1-2,Hashimoto transformers from the 60's-70's in some Sansui's etc.,etc.Someone should chime in soon about this AR-D200 which is from the 80's I think?Could be another keeper if its like the D400's.......good luck,I wish I knew something about it as I just saw one here,cheers,Bob