Aragon and Acurus brands being revived

I was looking on the Klipsch website today to check forum threads about Aragon products. Klipsch has posted a notice there that in April both Aragon and Acurus brands had been sold to a start up company called Indy Audio Labs. The company was formed by 2 long time Klipsch engineers who wanted Aragon and Acurus revived. They are looking to continue the Mondial legacy of great value and really good sounding gear and expect new product lines to be out some time in 2010. All service and support will now be handled thru them. The website is at wwwdotindyaudiolabsdotcom and provides more detailed information. I posted this in another thread but thought more people would see it in a thread of its own. This is indeed good news and I am interested to see what IAL will put out as far as new product.
Regards, Cris
Unfortunately these guys are trying to revive a dead company in the worst global recession of our lifetimes. I wish them well, but they will need some serious coin backing them to make a real go at it. Lately even established companies have been having troubles and many small companies are dead or so close to it they will be by next week let alone year.
Aragon is a great name and if these guys can deliver like Aragon of old they should do just fine..

Bill Gates started Microsoft during a recession.
The analogy to Bill Gates and Aragon is about as accurate as a comparison between the Vatican and an actual God thats just flown in.No wonder I start the day at this site.Not alot of sharp knives but seldom a dull moment,thanks K,cheers,Bob
That is nice to hear. Acurus is one brand that really opened my eyes too know that solid state gear can sound different and some much better than other SS gear. Price is not always the factor. Acurus was really a taste of the high end at a mid fi price.
Aragon and Acurus (but not the AmFi brand of the Mondial Trio) were also MADE IN AMERICA with little corner-cutting when it came to sound quality. Aragon and Acurus offered first-, second- and third-tier performance at second-tier, third-tier or mass-market pricing. By today's standards, that's an unbeatable combination. As a result they offered terrific audio value in a product that a consumer could purchase with confidence in both the sound quality AND without promoting the neo-slave/anti-worker/anti-environment attitudes of developing nations.

I'm not certain that's possible with today's overall "source it from China" corporate philosophy. But time will tell; product is expected to be available "early 2010". We'll see how closely they've respected and kept the Mondial heritage.
It'll be very interesting to see how successful Indy Audio can revive this brand. At first I also thought about the possibility that Aragon might be reduced yet another rebadged Asian importer, but according to their web site "Our designs and much of our manufacturing is still done here in the USA". I'm sure that no one can avoid some level of outsourcing in todays age, but it appears that they are planning to build them in America.
I have been in touch with Indy Audio Labs on and off since January 2010 and last touched base with them in late December. They mentioned that they have been delayed due to a number of issues including the economy and component availability.

They hope to introduce the Acurus and Aragon amps in early 2011 and the first planned processor later this year, and also mentioned they have new information and hope to put it up on their web site this winter.

A couple of thoughts: Given the economy and related factors, itÂ’s been a slow-go. I agree with Kennyt that trying to revive this brand (or any brand) requires some serious investment. I also hope, along with Camino3x2, that the delay means they are wanting to release products that live up the their heritage.

I wish them the best and hope they don't release too soon a la Emotiva or not at all like Outlaw.
I saw these guys @ CEDIA in September and the new Aragon amps look SICK! Supposedly they used the identical amp design (from Dan D'Agostino of Krell) and just updated the power supplies to meet current trends in energy star efficiency.

Should be interesting and lots of bang for the buck.
...the new Aragon amps look SICK!

Thanks for that info. It will be interesting to read if any of their products make it into any of the 2011 CES show reports.
I don't know if they are showing @ CES but I'll be there so if they are their I should see them.
so any word on these things yet? has anyone heard these yet or are they even out yet?