ARC LS22 to CJ 16ls significant upgrade?

I'm contemplating this change. Any thoughts on whethor a preamp change from my LS22 to a CJ16ls would be a significant change. Significant, not just a minor difference, but a significant clearly noticiable improvement in overall musicality, dynamics, transparency, detail, soundstaging, etc.
There is no chance for me to audition, none.

I figure I can sell the LS22 for about $1500 or so, and buy the LS16 about 4,000 or so, used. That is the budget.

I had considered the Hovland, Wyetech (too much, over 5K used and never show up), older Thor, older MP1, and others. Tubes only.

I have not heard CJ gear, but from the descritpion of the classic CJ sound, it fits my tastes. I understand the Art, and 16LS are much more neutral than the classic CJ sound, but retain some of those charactoristics. Great. I cannot listen to anything that is remotley forward, or harsh. If the CJ sound is coloured, I would rather listen to that. Perhaps that is why I love my koetsu.

My system

Linn LP12 Graham 2.2 Koetsu, Linto
No name CD 5disc player (don't care to upgrade this)
2 Classe DR9s
Apogee Divas and Dueta Sigs with Dax electronic biamping.

Any reponse is appreciated.

I never ask a Chevy owner about a Mercedes but I will ask
a Mercedes owner.Will every Mercedes owner have something
good to say (No).I like the Conrad Johnson Premier 16 LS 2
Does it sound colour,I don`t know.How do the rest of the system sound. (Natural and etc.)
Maybe the most significant upgrade for you would be a new cd player. There's lot of very good, under $1000, players. Your system will never be showing it's full capabilities(or close to it) with you CDP. Maybe you should care a little bit about it.
I upgraded to the CJ 16LS 11 from an Audio Research LS25 MK11 and have been quite pleased. I found the LS25 an exceptional preamp but rather dry and noninvolving in my system.(ss amp) The CJ is more refined, detailed and overall more musical in my system
Thanks for the input,

I believe the sound of system is fairly well balanced, neutral to perhaps somewhat lighter/brighter side of neutral. Sometimes it sounds overly bright, but with a different record, or even CD, it will sound open, detailed, even warm. Bass is very well defined, but again, only with the right source. (This is with my old Linn Ekos/archiv, the Graham/koetsu is going in over the next few days. My love of Koetsu is regarding a Black I had a while back.)

I just feel I could have more of everything. My preference is more to the warmer side of neutral, as long as I don't give up detail and transparency.

One person, (whose several hundred posts on audioasylum indicate the person has lot's of experience, and is a big vinyl fan), has suggested that:

the 16LS is a "dark, dirty sounding preamp. Either switch to a LS-25 or a CAT preamp."

Yet another said:

"The premier 16ls is an absolutely great pre. More musical than euphonic- if that makes sence. The stereophile review is pretty accurate of the 16's qualities. You should get much better resolution with the 16 as well as sweeter mids/highs than the ARC. As compared to the Hovland hp-100, the cj would be a little warmer(theres that cj glow) and not quite as rythemy and pacey. The Hovland is great, don't get me wrong but I think that the cj would fit your bill."

It's strange how there can be two such diverse views.

Nuno Barbosa, Regarding a CD player, any thoughts on a used inexpensive (under 500) CD transport (to use with my Denon DAC (DVD 5000 with broke transport).

Thanks all,

or if you want a little warmer than the CJ16 then look for a CJ Premier 14 (but you will need a phono preamp), this was the before the 16 and is warmer but still extremely acurate.. (just make sure you don't have a wadia or Gamut CD player outputing 5+volts, the only reason I sold it).

CJ is not Dark sounding..