ARC LS26 vs BAT VK-31se preamps

Can anyone tell me which preamp is prefered.Thanks
Did the NOS 6H30-DR tubes make a big difference in the LS26 ? What kind of difference did you hear over the stock tubes? Where did you buy the NOS tubes ?
Dave, by power and slam, I mean that the BAT's bass region is more feels more powerful. The ARC on the other hand, goes just as deep in the bass, but is tighter and better defined, so it seems to be 'lightweight' compared to the BAT at first listen.

By more refined and articulate, I mean the ARC also has more extension and definition in the high's. The BAT may sound warmer, the ARC may sound livelier. The choice is yours. All around better choice? No. Better for some? Yes.
You need to decide what musical values are more important to you, bass and warmth, or detail and definition?
Sadly, even at these prices one has to make choices.

Happy hunting,
Brouch... the change was not Night and Day but the DR's were good improvement over the stock tubes. I fell better depth to the soundstage and just a smoother performance to the LS26 especially in the bass. Try to find tubes from the mid 1980's, they will be the best performers.