Space-Tech Laboratory preamps

Hey, does anyone have any experience with space-tech laboratory? i recently bought their bottom of the line tube preamp (line stage) with only one set of inputs for back up as i searched for an arc ref-1 or somethign of that ilk but i REALLY like this preamp. it cost $300 (new) and beat out my morrison elad and my audio research sp9mkII in an a/b comparison by a LONG shot. i'm now thinking of upgrading to a much more expensive model (dont worry, i'm not selling this one - it's always going to serve as a backup because it's too cheap to bother selling) but would like some reviews first. i'm especially interested in their phono stages - not interested in their amps since i've just bought a vt100 and love it. if anyone's interested and wants to check them out and give feedback to me privately after reviewing their products on a technical level please do. they're at i'm most interested in why a $300 space tech would sound so much better than these otehr amps i've tried. does this have to do with the lack of controls? it's only got an on switch, no balance, no mute, no phono or tape or aux. can it be that i'm using acoustat electrostats?? any thoughts are greatly appreciated before i spend big bucks on a piece that's a bit tough to sell on resale (as opposed to arc for example). i did a search on audioasylum and a few people have heard about space-tech but i'm looking for as much info as possible.
Kublakhan: No info on you preamp, but the same praise has been given to the little Bottlehead preamp, approx. ($150-$280) in kit form depending on upgrades. Does your preamp have one or two volume pots? One pot would be a selling point for me as two drive me nuts, plus I cannot construct a kit at this time (and we definately do not want you constructing one:-).
this kit is already built. but dekay if i ever decide to construct my own preamp i'll let you know and if you're anywhere w/in a 15 mile radius from my home i would suggest you pack up your family (at least your gear) and get outa dodge for a while until the dust settles. so to answer your question: well, what's a pot? then i'll answer the question.
Dekay, if by pot you mean volume control, it only has one unlike the Foreplay with 2, one for the left and one for the right. I haven't heard any of Albert's power or preamps but have auditioned his integrated tube amps which I was considering buying. By the way they sound pretty good.
Thanks. I went to the website and poked around a little at AA as well. I also like the description of the manufacturers shop which is a dying breed (type of shop).
It is actually a one man operation and Albert builds everything right in the store. You won't find too many of these stores around these days.
He's located in Vancouver, Canada. Web site is (Kublakhan mentioned that in his message). I'll probably get one of his preamps soon. BTW, he will custom make whatever you want.
Just FYI i'll be going to optimal enchantment in santa monica (nice high-end shop with good people) with some cool guys i've 'met' here at audiogon. we're auditioning the arc ref-1 (which i'm leaning towards right now used), ref2mkII, arc LS25, LS5, LS15, AI mod3a and the new BAT stuff. I can't wait. I'm bringing my little space-tech as a reference. i'll let you guys know how it holds up. i think it's going to be embarrassing for some of the products at optimal enchantment. this is the bottom line space-tech. their preamps go all the way up to $3,800 i think. a TAD outa my price range unless i can get one used. but i'll post again and let you guys know the score. can't wait. (i'd also like to try different tubes in this space-tech but that's for a later post)
oh yeah, i forgot because i posted this elsewhere but if anyone wants to join us at optimal enchantment please do. we'll be there at 12:30 sat may 5th (tomorrow. today! acutally). they're in santa monica (310) 393-4434 by the beach and a famous shopping area if you're into that (read: wife). it's a great shop. i've never bought anything from them, though, but i've only heard good stuff - we'll see. you can check out the space-tech too. Please, please, anyone who is interested come on down. none of us know each other except from this freaky place so it'll be fun and laid-back. leave wallets at HOME!
hey, for anyone interested in the space-tech labs i just wrote a review from my journey to optimal enchantment with a few guys from this site and we a/b compared a bunch of preamps, mostly arc. you can read how the space-tech held out over there. the thread is "May 4th LA audition preamp freak-out"
have fun