ARC Solid State Monoblock Options

Hello all!

I’ve managed to put together a nice “vintage” ARC system to feed my Thiel CS 3.5’s: LS-7 tubed line-stage, D240 Mk II amp & now a PH-3 tubed phono pre-amp. I’ve been enjoying this system for about 3 months’s my first foray into separates. 

However, the upgrade bug is always there & I am forever thinking about how to make my Thiels sing better. So, my question to you:  would you go with another D240 MK II & run them in mono/bridged mode, or would you go to ARC’s more recent DS450M monoblocks?

I know the DS450’s are Class D design versus the A/B design of the D240. But other than that, not too sure of the sonic differences. 

I went SS on my amps primarily due to the fact that 70% of my listening is Classic Rock/Pop, with classic Jazz & Bossa Nova making up the rest. I prioritized the speed, bottom end slam & definition of SS versus the overall warmth of tube amplification. And, yes, I do know that a classic Krell or Pass or Levinson will work as well, but I’m a matching/synergy kinda’ guy & believe that the rest of my pre- gear is matched quite well with these two possible ARC amps. 

Thanks for any thoughts or suggestions!, especially from those of you with a lot of ARC experience!

I owned the DS450M’s monoblock amps for 2 years and didn’t like them. Provided a lot of power 600wpc in a 4ohm load but wasn’t musical at all. I think with ARC you should go with what they do best and that’s tubes. Solid state amps is not their thing IMHO. 

If you like the D240 MK II you may want to track down a used D400 MK II or D300.

More power, better sound.

I would avoid the DS series.

I used to own the D240 MkII and liked it
I agree with don_c55 I had a D300 (never owned a 400) and it was probably the best sounding solid state amp I ever owned and I have owned a few. Wish I never sold it. 
Thanks guys for the feedback and suggestions!  

Very interesting comments, bluesy41, on your experience with the DS450M' seems that ARC's efforts with Class D mirrored several others:  lots of easy power, but perhaps a bit soulless in the final presentation.

I do like the sound I have in my D240 MkII.  I will look out for another one, but also a D400 MkII...which seem to be easier to "find" for whatever reason.

Thanks again!