ARC Support

FWIW, I'll relate my recent experience with Audio Research Corp. I've been a customer of AR for some years, on and off, including the purchase of reference gear over the years. I recently have had to place most of my system up for sale due to personal reasons, and this included a pair of Reference 300 MKII amps purchased new in Dec 2000. I accepted an offer from a gentleman in France at a fair agreed upon price. He asked that I ship them to AR to have them swapped out to 220 for use in Europe, and have them shipped on to him. The cost of the service was not an issue. Anyway, without going into the agonizingly frustrating details, heres what happened in a nutshell: AR told me basically they wouldn't do it because it would mean the possibility of losing a NEW sale for them and their European distributor. They were/are seemingly more concerned with selling a new product, in Europe, than supporting a long time customer who purchased this product at a local US dealer at 10% off list price of 30K. I explained the guy wasn't going to buy new anyway, it was beyond his price point. Didn't seem to matter. My point isn't to engender debate between AR supporters and detractors. This is merely my experience, take it for what it's worth. I personally am incredulous, find this to be in poor form, and certainly am not inclined to patronize AR in the future.
I didn't notice any significant difference in the noise from the LS16 tube preamp vs CJ PV-12 and CJ PV-14 and like I said, its ONLY noticeable slightly if I put my ear right up to a speaker. I have not auditioned the LS2B or the LS25 both of which I would like to try someday.
I am writing to see if you might know someone who is a design engineer of sound systems.

I have a search firm in Mpls and our client is seeking a design engineer with "cradle to grave" project experience in audio components or systems. Thank you for taking time to respond to my message. It is much appreciated.
I moved from Chicago to Paris in 1998 and had no problems
with ARC who modified my SP9 from 120V to 230V.
This was for myself and not for resale and I still have it!